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The Private Lesson School LLC

The Private Lesson School is a company that has one goal - Provide students of all ages with music lessons that are unlike any other.

Teachers that are trained by the school's policies and emphasis on Enthusiasm, Student Motivation, and Patience. This company aims to make every person that decides to take music lessons excited and joyful about advancing in their instrument without the fear of "being perfect", being judged, or the fear to fail. In this day and age if you or your child want to learn an instrument, there are two choices you can choose from. The first is to go to your nearest music store and sign up for lessons. This will require you to drive to said place every week, wait for your child to finish, and then drive back to your home.

The second option you have is to wait until school begins and have your child take part in the school program as one of the 25+ students in that class. Your child is now getting one-out-of-25 instruction and has no individual guidance to aid his learning style, which often leads to confusion, lack of motivation, and discouragement.

We drive to you! - Private Lesson School LLC

Private lesson teachers are scarce, and if you are able to find one, there are always the uncertainties of "are they good for my kid?", "Are they qualified?", and many more things that you must reconsider before choosing to go with that teacher.

The Private Lesson School eliminates that worry. - We hire, train, and ensure that our teachers are all ones that you can trust, backed by the company name and legacy. With the security and your mind at ease, you are able to focus on what is important: Your musical journey.

Private Lesson School LLC

~ Goran Ivanov


I began teaching music at an early age at Music Teaching Schools as well as privately. At the music schools I was employed at, I began seeing a trend. The trend that almost all music teachers were doing things that I considered were complete flaws in what a music teacher should do. 

I saw students come into the music store to receive lessons, and one thing stuck out to me that simply didn't make sense...

- "Why weren't these kids excited to learn their instrument?"

I began having conversations with every teacher I came across. I observed how they taught their material, and I quickly got an answer to the question I had originally asked myself.

Almost all music teachers focused too much on one thing: "Perfect Playing". No-where in their method of teaching was there a focus on understanding each individual student. This led to many students dreading the time of lesson each week, eventually losing motivation and discontinuing lessons.

When I began doing private lessons myself, I sat down and purchased every single method book that I could find on each instrument I was teaching, and jotted down how I thought they can individually be implemented into a student's learning process. 

"How can I ensure that a student remains motivated while learning a hard technique?" - "How can I take this, chew it up, and deliver it to each student differently."


"What if they get bored?..."

Scratch that.

They WILL get bored. - Learning Music and Music Theory is like learning a whole new language!

The book-written method of learning it is innately boring! - It isn't fun or engaging, and it's hard stuff to understand!

"How can I create metaphors or a different method to deliver them to the student while keeping them interested?"

I quickly invented multiple methods that I began using while teaching myself. I made it my goal to motivate every student that I taught, with my only focus being: Enthusiasm, Patience, and Understanding while guiding them through their musical journey.

As someone who's observed and taken part in countless private lessons, I am very familiar with the universal feeling that comes with taking lessons.

"I hope I practiced enough" - "What if I mess up" - and the regular fear of judgment as this teacher "assesses" your level of play.


I made it a point to never have a student of mine feel this way. - Rather, have them feel comfortable that I, as the teacher, was coming to work with them no matter what level they were at, and simply acted as a guide and support while working on this instrument alongside them. 

As student numbers grew, I began teaching privately full-time. As the numbers passed three digits, I decided to begin a company where I am able to pass on that same Enthusiasm and bring that same "joy" that students felt when they had a lesson, to a broader community.


I built this company from the ground up on the foundation that a music teacher will be the one person you cannot wait to see every week for your lesson, and on the basis that you as a student will never feel pressured to be perfect, judged of your skill, or have to question the teacher's enthusiasm about what they do. 

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