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Saxophone Class

Teaching to Motivate

When starting the company, Goran Ivanov used his experience both as a student and as a teacher when it came to what he was going to demand from his teachers. His prior experience teaching in music schools, as well as his experience taking lessons, taught him that music teachers all teach differently, though all follow the same "goal" when teaching - Demanding perfection from each student. -- This often led to students lacking in motivation and seeing the instrument as a chore, which eventually led to them giving up.

 When Goran chose to teach, he made it a point to ensure that his main focus was keeping the students motivated in order to enjoy the musical journey that they are on. Working with each student's learning style, pace, and tapping into what makes each one of them want to learn their instrument individually.

We believe that music teachers change lives and that responsibility shouldn't be taken lightly. Learning an instrument involves lots of obstacles, discipline, joy, sometimes frustration, and a plethora of emotions that go along with that experience, and each teacher should be trained on how to not only recognize these feelings but motivate each student through them to ensure that they don't get discouraged.

The one standard quality of every teacher...


This company is built on the foundation that a Music Teacher is the person that you can't wait to help you with your instrument, instead of the dreaded

"Oh no... I didn't practice this week!" feeling.

Our teaches will always have a great attitude that will not only uplift but inspire you to continue onto your musical journey.

Our Focus...


This is the biggest requirement for a teacher with the Private Lesson School. A Teacher coming to the house is a scary experience for every student.

 They feel like they're going to be judged for their playing, and it comes with a lot of emotions of uncertainty. 


 Each teacher is taught the importance of teaching with Enthusiasm and maintaining an attitude that uplifts and inspires each student.


Music Teachers have to be patient. Anyone embarking on their musical journey with their instrument is going to encounter bumps in the road that a teacher should not only understand but foresee and expect these bumps.

Every teacher works with each student's learning style and the only focus throughout this journey is for each student to enjoy it.


Every teacher is trained to recognize and monitor every student's Motivation. Learning an instrument is a task that takes perseverance and remaining motivated is incredibly important.

The biggest thing that separates the Private Lesson School from other music teachers remains that the chance for a student to "give up" on their instrument due to lack of motivation is not possible.

We teach to motivate.

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