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  • How do I start taking lessons?
    Once you decide you'd like to begin your musical journey, head to the "Schedule Trial Lesson" button on the navigation bar above, and choose the instrument you'd like to learn. Fill out the required information, and we will get back to you in the same day via the contact information you provided us with, and we will set a date and time that works for you to have the teacher drive out to your home! You will receive all of your teacher's information right away! If you decide you like your teacher and want to continue lessons, you will be directed to the payment portal and you can begin lessons at the date(s) you provided!
  • I have multiple kids - Can they take a group lesson?
    While most third-party teachers might be okay with that, the Private Lesson School holds itself to a higher standard when it comes to individual student attention. - Every person has a different style of learning, different motivational factors, and different speed at which they learn. We focus to bring only the best education and learning experience possible, therefore, it is Company Policy to only do one student per session. - You are welcome to schedule two lessons one after another if you do have siblings!
  • How old does a student need to be?
    We teach anybody aged 6 and above! - It is never too late to pick up an instrument and begin your musical journey!
  • How many times a week does a lesson occur?
    However many you would like! Most students take lessons once a week, but it is common to take lessons twice a week, as one of the lessons will act as a "Practice" lesson with your teacher. For Competition / College level players, 3 times a week or more is possible, but reach out to us if you'd like to choose this option so that we can help you out in making it affordable for you!
  • What happens if I can't make it to a scheduled lesson?
    That's alright! - Things happen. - Simply let your teacher know via text message, and we will reschedule the lesson at the earliest convenient time for you!
  • Do you teach in my city?
    We currently service the cities of Chino, Chino Hills, Eastvale, Jurupa Valley, and Corona! - Please view our "What We Offer" page to learn more about which instruments are offered in your city!
  • Is there a time or place where the students will perform?
    We understand that showcasing every student's path during their musical journey is an important milestone, which is why the company holds Semesterly Recitals (Every 6 Months) at locations that are accessible for all of the students in that area. - More information on this in the "Student Recitals" page seen above!
  • I don't currently own an instrument that I'd like to learn... what can I do?
    Our teachers are all trained to help you out and walk you through the process of buying an instrument in whatever budget you have appointed. - We understand that an instrument of any budget is an investment, and each of our teachers will use their best experience and judgement in order to help advise you on the best places to purchase or rent a beginners, intermediate, or an advanced instrument. The Private Lesson School does not work with or for any instrument vendors, so you can rest assured that there will be no personal relations involved when helping you out.
  • I already have an instrument... will it work?
    That's good! - Reach out to us via the contact option, and send us a picture of the instrument so that we can advise you on this. - Most instruments like the piano are okay no matter what budget the piano (or keyboard) is, but other instruments like the violin might be a different size then what you need. - We don't want you to spend extra money on a new instrument, so we will do everything we can to work with what you have as long as it is possible!
  • I am not a beginner, but an intermediate or advanced instrument player. Is this the right place for me?"
    That is awesome! - Absolutely! - We have teachers that specialize in advanced playing, as well as beginning players. - Simply make sure to point that out during your initial time filling out the "Schedule Trial Lesson" tab seen above!
  • I'm not home, but my child is - can the teacher still come?"
    Unfortunately, not. Company policy ensures that a Parent, or a guardian above the age of 25 must be present within the house/apartment while a lesson is occuring. If you won't be home, simply reach out to your teacher, and we can reschedule your lesson at the earliest convenient time for you!
  • How do I know the teacher is qualified and safe for my kid?
    All teachers undergo Background Checks, training, and supervision before teaching for the company. Teachers also follow all Company Policies, and are taught to teach with all Teaching Handbook requirements as defined by the company's Teaching Method ranging from how to watch the student's motivation level, giving them breaks, and dealing with any obstacle that they might be faced while teaching. - More on this on our "Teaching Method" tab above!
  • I have a child with a learning disability. - Is this the right place for me?
    Absolutely! - We have a number of specially trained and appointed teachers that have experience and certification in teaching students that are on any learning disability spectrum. Please include that in your "Schedule Trial Lesson" form!
  • How does payment work?
    Payments to the Private Lesson School are done at the beginning of every month and include that month's lessons. Payments will be done through this website by pressing "Payment Portal" at the top navigation bar. If you are unable to pay with a card or PayPal, you are able to pay with Zelle, Venmo, Cash App, or a written Check.
  • How much do lessons cost?
    Lessons are based on a monthly tuition payment, that guarantees you 4 Lessons for that month (once every week). $315 Per Month for Hour Long Sessions every week, $260 Per Month for Half-an-Hour Long Sessions every week.
  • Why do lessons cost this much?
    The Private Lesson School prides itself in the fact that it is the most convenient and best way for you or your child to receive 1 on 1 instruction. One quick google search of "How much does an average 1 on 1 private lesson cost in the US?" will lead you to the following answer: "On average, a one-hour lesson at a music studio costs $72." Here is another quote from the same google search: "The average cost of music lessons is $55 per lesson, with prices ranging up to $80+ per lesson in the US in 2020". The above-listed rates are how much it costs if you drive out to a studio to receive your lessons. When you take lessons with us, the teachers drive out to your home to conduct the hour long lessons, and you are being charged at almost the same rate that a studio would charge you to drive out there. We also guarantee and use our promise to teach with a method that is transparent to you and displayed right in front of you right here on the website. The same teaching methods used to extensively train our teachers are visible to you, and our promise that you or your child will not give up due to not feeling motivated, or "bored" from learning their instrument is upheld with our price tag.
  • Do I need any supplies prior to my first class?
    For a music class, all you need is a your instrument, a music stand, a pencil, and your lesson book(s)! Music Stand ($12) Lesson Book ($10) No need to go to the store, though! - If you don't have any of the above-mentioned supplies, let your teacher know, and they will bring them to you on your next lesson!

The Private Lesson School currently services the cities of Chino Hills, Chino, Eastvale, Jurupa Valley and surrounding areas!

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