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Goran Ivanov

Goran Ivanov is the Founder and Owner of The Private Lesson School.

Professional Violinist and Music Teacher at an early age, Ivanov has been involved in Music Education throughout his entire life in various ways that range from teaching privately for over 6 years, teaching in multiple music institutions, teaching high school orchestra classes, and is currently the Artistic Coordinator and Orchestra Conductor for the Corona Symphony Conservatory. 

Goran Ivanov started The Private Lesson School with the goal of spreading the joy of being a musician to a wider range of students, by developing a program that allows a student to take lessons at-their-home, with the teacher driving out to their homes every week.

The Private Lesson School remains the only music teaching company that is trusted by school districts and parents, that has teachers drive out to your home for one-on-one music lessons catered to each student.

As an official LLC registered in California, Ivanov aims to make this the go-to method for kids in elementary, middle, and high school to take music lessons - eliminating the need for a parent to drive out to a music store to allow their child the gift of music.

Who is Goran Ivanov?

Goran Ivanov began his teaching journey early in life. He began teaching violin at a music institution that allowed him to be a student-teacher as soon as he was legally allowed to work. Gaining experience in the world of education, he later began working for two separate music institutions as a piano teacher, and later began teaching privately, driving at students' homes and giving out 1 Hour Long Lessons in various instruments.

As he continued to teach privately he quickly gained a reputation of being a music teacher, whom each kid develops a close relationship with, due to the energy and enthusiasm that he would bring to every lesson.

"As student numbers grew to triple digits, I no longer had the time in my schedule to fit in new students! I was teaching 7 days a week, from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM back-to-back lessons in two cities, and had a waitlist of 50 students waiting for me to open up a time slot in order to be their teacher" - Ivanov states.

This prompted him to begin developing a program where he can pass along the same method of teaching with Enthusiasm and Understanding, to train, supervise, and hire teachers that would then go out and drive out to students' homes in different cities. - Thus, The Private Lesson School was born.

Along with this, Ivanov has had a great amount of experience in leading and Conducting Orchestral ensembles throughout his career in Music Education.

First gaining the opportunity to Conduct the El Cerrito Middle School Orchestra in-concert, and later taking the position of Conductor and Artistic Coordinator for the Corona Symphony Conservatory, Ivanov regularly takes the stage wielding the baton, looking to inspire and motivate students of all ages with his unique approach to music learning. An approach that focuses on expressing yourself through emotion, rather than a technical focus.

Ivanov has had the opportunity to conduct the Santiago High School Orchestras three times in concert, and often holds classes within the school districts, sharing his passion and love for music.

Goran Ivanov speaks on how a conductor can display a change of sound within their ensemble groups - whether that be band or orchestra. - I use the AUDIENCE as an example, and take them along a journey of the methods I use to teach different "Quality Of Sound" to students!!! 

Goran Ivanov conducts the Corona Youth Symphony in Concert.

Goran Ivanov conducts the Santiago High School Orchestra in Concert.

Goran Ivanov conducts the Corona Symphony Conservatory in Concert

Goran Ivanov in Rehearsal

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