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Masterclass Program

Every year, The Private Lesson School unveils an extraordinary opportunity through our Masterclass Program. Handpicking just two exceptional students annually, we offer an exclusive pathway to artistic refinement and growth. On our stage, these students undergo a live masterclass guided by Mr. Ivanov, as he works with them and pushes them to level up their playing under his direction in front of the audience.


This unique opportunity to witness a student's growth on stage is highly sought after, as it not only exposes the dedication and talent of the participants but also inspires future and current musicians sitting in the audience. As parents and spectators watch the mastery of these young musicians unfold before their eyes, they gain a profound appreciation for the transformative power of mentorship.

As a testament to our commitment to nurturing talent, both students that are chosen to participate in the Masterclass Program are honored with a $1,000 grant. This grant not only serves as a recognition of their dedication and bravery to participate in the on-stage class, but also a crucial investment in their musical journey.

How it works...

Music Sheets


Application & Nomination

During this part of the process, teachers are able to submit which one or two of their students they would like to be considered for participation in the Masterclass Program for that year.

The parent and teacher fill out the required forms, submit a video meeting all stated audition requirements, and await until the deadline for the announced nominee.


Selection Process

After the two-week selection window, the chosen nominees will be announced to the parents and teacher. 

They will be provided with the piece they will work on for the next three months, giving them enough time to present it on stage and receive the best musical guidance during the masterclass. 

The teacher will stay in direct communication with us the entire time, answering all questions and accommodations for their big day!


Masterclass Date & Announcement

The selected participants will have the date of their on-stage masterclass ready and will be invited for a photography session to take their professional headshots in order to invite family members and friends to their masterclass date. 


Participants in the masterclass get x10 Front Row reservations for friends and family, and the rest of the paperwork is signed before the masterclass date.

After the masterclass, the students are presented with $1,000 grant for participation, a certificate, including all videos and photos from the event for their memory!

What will the master class consist of?

The masterclass will be a live, on-stage class one on one class with Mr. Ivanov.

Under his direction, he will guide you through how to level up your playing. You will work on a piece that you have been learning for at least three months, so that most of what you will cover on stage will be different ways of taking your musicianship to the next level, instead of "learning how to play this piece".

You will not be judged or assessed. You will receive a one-on-one class with someone who will give you a deeper insight into yourself as a musician and the music which you are playing. Mr. Ivanov will teach you how to better connect with the music and how to better reach the audience while you are playing.

Your parents will be in the audience, and the entire thing will be recorded allowing you to be able to look back on the advice given for the rest of your life. This is a very prestigious opportunity that you will get to cherish and enjoy for the rest of your life.

Masterclass Program - Private Lesson School LLC
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