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Hello Eastvale, Chino, Corona, Upland, Fullerton, & Torrance  Areas!

Our Focus...


This is the biggest requirement for a teacher with the Private Lesson School. A Teacher coming to the house is a scary experience for every student.

 They feel like they're going to be judged for their playing, and it comes with a lot of emotions of uncertainty. 


 Each teacher is taught the importance of teaching with Enthusiasm and maintaining an attitude that uplifts and inspires each student.


Music Teachers have to be patient. Anyone embarking on their musical journey with their instrument is going to encounter bumps in the road that a teacher should not only understand but foresee and expect these bumps.

Every teacher works with each student's learning style and the only focus throughout this journey is for each student to enjoy it.


Every teacher is trained to recognize and monitor every student's Motivation. Learning an instrument is a task that takes perseverance and remaining motivated is incredibly important.

The biggest thing that separates the Private Lesson School from other music teachers remains that the chance for a student to "give up" on their instrument due to lack of motivation is not possible.

We teach to motivate.

Girl Practicing Piano


Offered in Eastvale, Chino, Upland, Fullerton, and Temecula Areas!

Piano is the most popular instrument of choice when it comes to picking up a new skill! The gradual learning curve, familiar sound, and worldwide accessibility make it a great choice for beginners to start out in! 

Unlike other instruments, the piano is the most note-heavy instrument, so it is vital for you to find a teacher that does not use the most common "note memorization" method. 

At the Private Lesson School, teachers are trained to teach using a Note Acquisition method - focusing on understanding the note's movement and gradually remembering where each of the fundamental notes is, rather than forcing a student to memorize the places of all notes.


Offered in the Torrance Area!

The Violin is known as the second most common instrument that students decide to pick up.

Its beautiful sound, ease-of-carry, and versatile nature all play a factor in its rise to popularity.

The violin has a beautiful upper register, and its focus on both the Bow and the Fingers contributes to its steep learning curve. Often the most rewarding instrument as one gets to explore all of its' nuances, it is important that you pick a teacher that can guide you through proper technique while not enforcing "perfection" early on. This leads to a student losing motivation and giving up on their musical journey.

The Private Lesson School trains all teachers to work with each student's learning style, and to have the patience and ability to teach with a focus to motivate, rather than to create child prodigies "at all costs".

Playing Guitar


Offered in Eastvale, Corona, Upland, Chino, and Fullerton Areas!

The guitar's popular mainstream applications in both the professional musician aspect, as well as the

at-home enthusiast make it a great instrument of choice. Guitar playing is often paired up with singing, or involves the company of a singer, and is often found at every house and every get-together, making it a great skill to be able to showcase and enjoy! Acoustic Guitar is a great traditional way of playing any tune with the ability to change it's pitch and style in an instant by utilizing the versatility of the instrument.


Offered in the Eastvale, Corona, Chino, Upland, and Fullerton Areas!

The electric guitar has been popularized by the wonderful genres of rock, and its incredibly addictive sound in most "All-time-classics" pieces of music by bands and artists like Metallica, Nirvana, and many more, makes the electric guitar one of the most popular instruments that is desired by teenagers and adults. The popular term "guitar solo" applies to the electric guitar and the ability to change the sound of your instrument with the turn of a knob, or a pull of a lever is something that can only be done in an instrument of electric nature like this.


Being such a versatile and popular instrument in all genres, it is important that you have a teacher that understands this and is able to teach you not only a good foundation but is able to start you playing those popular songs and solos that you have always wanted to play along the way.

A man playing guitar
Music Lessons, Field Trips, Performances, and more!

Learn about our ownership...

The Private Lesson School was founded by Goran Ivanov, who taught music in various music institutions, teaches at public schools, and taught privately for over 6 years! 

His vision of creating a program and a teaching method where kids can have FUN while learning an instrument began after he saw the stress and "strict" teaching that most music teachers in the industry display in efforts to create Child Prodigies early on...

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